Meeting Physical Needs While Planting Spiritual Seeds -
               Welcome to
            Rushton's Hope 

     Here at Rushton's Hope, we are committed to loving & serving God and loving & meeting the needs of others. Using Biblical truth, we offer hope in Jesus Christ that can lead to a joyous, abundant, peaceful & productive life.
     Wherever you may be on your spiritual journey, at Rushton's Hope you will find a supportive family that practices, and presents, God's Word in addition to a wealth of opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.
     We aspire to strengthen each person's confidence in Jesus Christ at every point in their life, and encourage them in their walk through prayer, Bible study and active service in our ministry and beyond.

     Most importantly, we invite you to Be Assured that You Have a Personal Relationship with God & a Heavenly Home Awaiting. We encourage you first to pray for God to give you understanding, then pray and Admit to God that you are a Sinner, Acknowledge Jesus as your only way of Salvation for that sin thru His life, death, buriel, and ressurection, and Ask Him to forgive you, Save you, and be the Lord of your life; placing your whole trust in Him. Finally, find you a Bible believing church to become a part of, be baptized, and mature so you can help others to do the same. Please feel free to write us, or call us with any questions or decisions you make.
><> (Mt.28:16-20)

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