Meeting Physical Needs While Planting Spiritual Seeds -
        How We've Been Blessed 

Thank you to all those who have been a part of Ruston's Hope these last 10 years with over 50,000 either serving or being served! What a blessing it has been to be a part of such amazing grace; impacting those lives with hope in Christ from the inner city to the international. Though it has been a long process, one person at a time, one project at a time, it has continually been "growing without slowing"! We believe the best is yet to come! Note some of the blessings below from over the years to present:.


                                               Success Stories

Someone once said, “The success of your ministry is not the buildings you build, nor the programs you present, but it is the individuals you impact.” We thought it would be a blessing to share with you some of the messages we have received, from some that have been touched by Rushton’s Hope. May it encourage you as much as it has us!
 “Thanks for all the support. I got a call today from the Atlanta Hawks about their Basketball Camp, and I’ve been accepted for a scholarship. It’s a dream come true.”
 “Thanks for the plates, dishes, and food you gave us from your home. Now we will have something nice to eat on.” 
 “ Thanks for the Homemade Christmas Cookies & Candy. It reminded me of growing up during the Holidays.”
 “Thanks for that prayer tonight at our Service.  I now know I want to be more like Jesus” 
 “Thank you for supporting my trip to go back home so I could be reunited with my family.” 
 “Thank you for the pizza and groceries. We weren’t sure what we were going to eat before you came. The boys really enjoyed it.”  
“Thanks for encouraging me to share the Gospel. I just led someone to Jesus.” 
 “Thank you for the blankets and the food. Now I can eat and stay warm.”
 “Thank you for supporting our mission trips to Nepal and China.” 
“Thanks so much for sending food and supplies to our organization. It helped us keep going.”  
“ Thanks for doing the Disciple Conference. I now see what my life is to be.” 
“Thanks for doing this Block Party in our Community. I’ve never won anything til now.”  
  “Thanks for doing that Birthday Party. I am in my 50’s and I’ve never had one.” 
“Thanks for buying my gas to help me get to the VA for treatment.”
 “Thank you for the furniture. Now we don’t have to sleep on the floor anymore.”
 “Thanks so much for the dentist. I feel so much better.” 
“Thanks for the prescription. I couldn’t pay my bills and buy my meds too.” 
 “Thanks for getting me a place to stay. I was tired of being on these streets.” 
“ Thanks for the backpack stuffed with food, toiletries, and clothes.”
 “Thank you for the ride to the doctor, and to pick up my meds.” 
“ Thanks for delivering my stuff to me. I had no way to pick it up.”
 “Thanks for your mentoring, motivation, and everything else you’ve done for me while I was volunteering. I now have a job. Thanks for the hope that continues through you.” 
“ Thanks so much for the cell phone and minutes. Now I can stay in touch when needed and find work.” 
And the List goes on and on; each Thank you embedded with the Gospel Message of Hope in Christ!!!
Thank you to all those who have supported us in these last 7 years to make all those “Thank you’s” possible!!! We look forward to the next 7 years, and all the “Thank you’s” from the souls we will have an opportunity to reach with continued support!!! May the Lord bless and keep each of you in His care as you walk in Him. 
 In Christ, Pastor Ron and Wanda      

                                            CURRENT  PRAISES
*    Bounty of Hope Community Café 2 Go and Clothes Closet currently averages 250 weekly. The Gospel is presented each week.
*    Hope Community Mission currently averages 40+ weekly. New faces are seen and decisions are made in each service.
*    Hope for the Community Cookouts and Block Parties currently averages 400 at each one, with the largest total being 800! Not only is the Gospel presented verbally and written, but several made public decisions at that largest event held in the history of Rushton’s Hope!
*    Hope for the Holidays helps over 500 during Christmas. Gospel seeds were sown at all those events!
*    Bounty of Hope Benevolence Pantries currently serve over 30 each week. Several made decisions for Christ during the application process. The New Root Community Garden will help with produce for this.
*    Network of Hope continues to grow as we picked up 10 new ministry partners to assist us in meeting needs and planting seeds!·   Last but not least, Hope an Beyond was able to expand its borders even farther, as funds increased, to over 20 countries; From the Inner City to the International!!


                                             Blessings Beyond Belief

*   We launched the ministry out of our home in the community we serve. Of its 900 square feet, we had our office, storage, pantry space, and other resources there. At times it got tight! We still consider it our mission base and have done all types of ministry there. We began to use The Church at Griffin's facility for ministry not long after the launch, and moved most of our office and storage there growing to two locations. As donations grew, we began storing clothing at Journey Church Dovedown where we were doing a Community Cafe & Clothes Closet, growing to three locations. As donations increased, we had to move our clothing but were unsure where to go!  A Christian Businessman, offered us his 10,000 square foot warehouse for space just across the street from Dovedown. That became our place, not only for clothing storage, but for multi-ministry. The Church at Griffin sold their facility and we had to move everything from there to the warehouse. We weren't sure where we were going to meet for worship at that point! The same Christian Businessman mentioned our dilemma to the Pastor at United Christian Fellowship on Broad Street, and they opened their doors to us on Sunday evenings for our mission service. Today our ministry is carried out from three locations around the inner city using 900 - 10,000 square feet of space! Praise the Lord as we are now at multiple locations all over our inner city!!!
*   Through our tithes and offerings from increasing ministry donations, we have been able to expand our borders from the inner city to the international; sending disciples and supporting missions all over the world simultaneously by an Acts 1:8 Strategy. From Atlanta to Alaska, India to Nepal, Cambodia to Turkey, London to New York, All over Griffin and surrounding counties, and so on Glocally, lives are being impacted with Hope in Christ!  Praise the Lord  for using us to fulfill His Great Commission!!!
*   A little over a year after launching the ministry and building relationships in the community, we began having community worship services that would include a meal, music& a message, among other church activities. We started these with an average of 5-10 on a weekly basis at The Church at Griffin. We had a different group almost every week. Then we began to see some make commitments to Christ and become faithful. Still we had new faces weekly. Within time we grew to 30 and began a van ministry. We named the mission Hope Community Mission. We started other Bible Studies during the week out of the mission at various locations in hope to plant churches all over the area after a New Testament strategy; from house to house. When we met with our convention and explained to them what we were doing in Church Planting, they said we were Cutting Edge. We would define it more as Back to the Basics. We also began to have Church Partners come along side and serve. At times we had as many as 60. After we relocated to UCF, our numbers fluctuated. Today, we average between 40+ there weekly with decisions made regularly! Also, we have Church Partners coming to serve and provide the meal every Sunday except 5th Sundays. Praise the Lord for not only using us to plant, but participate in bringing in the harvest!!!
*   From where we began serving out of our home, we have seen a 300% increase in the souls we serve and share with through ministries we started along the way! Our Bounty of Hope Community Cafe and Clothes Closet currently averages between 200 and 250 souls weekly. Our Bounty of Hope Benevolence (Assistance with food, personal, household, furniture, etc.) currently averages 20-30 per week. Praise the Lord for meeting needs and planting seeds through us on a regular basis!!!
*   The very day we launched the ministry, we served in our first community event at The Church at Griffin. Since that time we have seen a 200% increase in the souls we serve through community events. We average 1200 per year at Block Parties. Hope for the Holidays Assistance serves over 500 per year. Other events like community cookouts can serve several hundred per year. Praise the Lord for enabling us to build relationships and carry the Gospel to enemy lines where others fear to go!!!
*   When we launched the ministry, we had a few faithful supporters out of churches to begin the journey with us. But how would we go to the next level? Where would all the support and resources we needed come from? Honestly, in the beginning, we felt like we had become outcasts; prophets without honor at home. What we learned was what faith is all about! The Lord is our sole provider, not individuals, churches, or corporations. It all comes from Him! And though we are still learning in this faith walk, we have seen a 300% increase in partnerships who support us and serve with us. This has provided a 150% increase in financial support reaching up to 50% of our budget this last year. We have also had the opportunity to partner with other likeminded ministries in our community serving them and serving with them. Praise the Lord for His Divine Network and the unlimited resources it provides!!!
*   From the beginning of the ministry we have seen miracle after miracle multiplied; the set up of the non- profit with all its technicalities, the meeting of needs time after time on limited resources, the moves from location to location, the growth of the ministry in all areas, the partnerships without soliciting, most important the lives changed in Christ, and so on, and so on!
***   Praise the Lord for His Miraculous Hand that has provided Multiplied Blessings through His Mercy and Grace!!!

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