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                                              Stories of Hope

          Wow, how time seems to fly by! It reminds me of what an old frog said once “time sure is fun when you’re having flies” & “aint it great when you can eat what bugs you?” Ok, some will get that eventually. According to the Bible ‘life is a vapor” (James 4:14) & that’s so true. It’s been months since our last update. So much has happened! We have seen God’s Faithfulness time & time again! Hundreds of lives have been touched. We have been thru Festivals, Feedings, & Holiday Festivities. These are exciting days as the Lord brings us to a place of new horizons in many areas! Faith is not just a lesson to be preached about, but a lifestyle to be practiced at each step of the journey. Of course, there are days that are difficult that cause you to doubt like one of the 12 disciples; questioning why was I called to do this? Then, the Lord sends encouragement as He often did to Paul through a letter. The Lord used “TC & Family” to send one of those letters recently. Here are some of those simple, yet uplifting, words that keep us moving forward: “Mr. & Mrs. Cook, Times have been hard and Rushton’s Hope has pulled me through some tough weeks with can goods, toiletries, and even some sweet treats for the children. It warms my heart and teaches my children people do care when times are hard. Thank you Rushton’s Hope!! TC & Family” As fast as time seems to fly by, a letter like that seems to bring it into slow motion; back into focus. We are so busy, we miss so much that life truly has to offer. We then take so much for granted. May we take time, before it flies by, to stop and first be thankful to God for how He has blessed us, then second take time to thank others who have blessed our lives in Him, then third & last, but not least, take time to allow our lives to be a blessing to others like a “TC & Family”! Thank you to all those who continually support us thru prayers, participation, & personal giving! Know you are making an eternal investment in the “TC & Family”s of Rushton & beyond.  We hope others of you will join us in this journey of hope. May the Lord bless and keep each of you daily as you walk in Him, and please stay in touch.  In Christ, Pastor Ron and Mrs. Wanda               

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