Meeting Physical Needs While Planting Spiritual Seeds -
           What Our Needs Are

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Pray For:

*The physical & spiritual needs to be met of those we serve
*For us & those who serve with us as we provide & plant
*Upcoming Events through the end of year
*Increased Partners & Personal Support below
*Ministry Transitions to multiple locations 

Participate In:

*The Saturday Cafe's/Clothes Closets
*Events held at various locations in the community
*Maintenance Projects around the Warehouse
*Admin. Areas at the Office

Personal Support Of:

*Financial Needs for Budget Increases: ($25,000)
>for Finishing Our First Blocks of Hope Mission House - (Funds Provided)
>for Multiple Facility Transitions Admin Office - (Funds Provided)
>for Our Hope for Lodging Initiative to House Families & Others - 25,000

*Food Pantry Needs:
>pop top canned meat(chicken, tuna, spam, vienna sausages, potted meat)
>canned pasta(ravioli, beefaroni, spaghettios)
>crackers(saltines, ritz)
>instant grits & oat meal
>kid friendly cereals
>instant rice/mashed potatoes
>canned fruit
>fruit cups
>boxed & microwavable cups of mac & cheese
>spaghetti noodles & sauce
>canned chili
>canned soups
>boxed dinners w./ meat included
>granola bars
>snack sandwich crackers
>canned/powdered milk
>2lb. bags of sugar & flour
>microwavable meals
>bottles/ boxes/ packets of juice
>containers of Kool-Aid/Lemonade w./ sugar added
>flavor packets for bottled water
>peanut butter
>Baby Formula(Gerber Good Start)
>Baby Food
>Baby Snacks

*Personal Pantry Needs:

>tooth paste/brushes
>men's & ladies' deoderants
>razors & shaving cream
>dish & laundry detergent
>Baby diapers(stages Newborn-5)
>Baby wipes
>Pregnancy Tests

*Household Needs:(*** Winter Heaters)
>All types of Furniture & Appliances Especially Beds
>crock pots
>hot plates
>pots & pans
>cookie sheets/baking pans
>Baby Furniture & Other Baby Stuff

*Ministry Resource Needs:

>African American Children's Bibles from Zondervan
>Solid Christian Literature
>Styrofoam 3 Compartment To Go Plates
>12 oz. Styrofoam cups
>Full Size Aluminum Buffet Pans w./ Sterno
>Plastic Spoons & Forks
>Ziploc Seal Sandwich Bags
>13 Gallon Bags for the Clothes Closet

*Clothing Needs:
>Men's Clothing is Most needed,
but We Accept All Types Of Clothing.

*Other Needs:
>Box Truck w./Lift to pick up donations
>Passenger Van for Picking up People
>16 Foot Trailer With Sides   


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