Meeting Physical Needs While Planting Spiritual Seeds -
                  What We Are Doing 

                                       Sharing Hope

          We proclaim the truth of the Gospel and God's Word each opportunity we have available. We accomplish this through preaching & teaching publically at services, seminars, etc., or privately through personal conversation or counsel. This is based on Mark 16:15 to "preach the Gospel".
                              Structuring Hope

           We provide mentoring opportunities for those who have been saved and serve with the mission; to be discipled as they are going in obedience to the Great Commission. (Mt.28:16-20) The idea is that disciples are built (structured) not born, and they can only be built if they have been born again! 
                                      Serving thru the
             Hope Community Mission

           We provide a Meal and Mission Service that meets weekly from 6-8pm Sunday evenings at 114 West Broad St. It is open to anyone, "Just as" they are, that walks up, drives up, and/or is picked up. It includes good food and fellowship, great worship and time in the Word. It is based on Acts 2:42. 

                 Supplying from the
                    Bounty of Hope


                             Bounty of Hope Benevolence

       Provides Assistance by Appointment weekly from 10am-4pm Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Offices 328 West Solomon St for appointments/applications & the Operations 814 Experiment St for Donation Drop offs/ pick ups. Individuals and Families receive assistance of food, toiletries, & household items based on their needs. Homeless can just walk up without an appointment for assistance. This is also where one of our newest ministries is housed(Hope for Family Life Ministry-formerly the Caring House Crisis Pregnancy Center) Most important the Gospel is shared with each! This and other areas of the Bounty of Hope are based on Matthew 25:35-40.

                         Bounty of Hope Café & Clothes Closet

       Provides a weekly café(soup kitchen) & clothes closet that is open from 11am-1pm on Saturdays at The Flint Center 814 Experiment St. Those served receive a hot to-go meal, desert and drink, and can select some clothing and other available items from the clothes closet. It is open rain or shine, blustery or blistering, unless otherwise announced. Again, most important, the Gospel is always presented.
                              Stepping Out to Bring
               Hope to the Community

           This could also be called Hope on the Go. We provide seasonal activities and events that are held in various locations throughout the year. There are 3 Community Cookouts and Block Parties per year in some of the toughest areas of inner city Griffin.These include good food, games, giveaways, and Gospel. At the end of the year we provide Hope for the Holidays during Christmas. This includes holiday meals and assistance as available. We have also participated in Community VBS's and other events. This is based on Matthew 5:13-16 to be "salt" and "light".  
          Setting Up a Network of Hope

       We Identify and Partner with like-minded organizations to meet more needs and attack giant problems such as spiritual emptiness, poverty, domestic abuse, gang activity, addictions, crime, etc., that affect our inner city and beyond. Some of these organizations include shelters, transitional houses, crisis centers, etc.. We are also part of Charity Tracker; a website that helps us weed the greed to truly meet the need.This is based on Ephesians 4:1-6 to work together in the Lord. 
                        Strategically Planning for  
                  Hope and Beyond

   We desire to Expand the Borders of the mission from the inner city to the international as the opportunities arise and leadership is supplied. This is done through supporting other missions, and sending out missionaries. Since the launch, we have been blessed to touch over 20 countries internationally, and over 20 states and counties nationally! "Praise God from whom all blessings flow"! This is based on Acts 1:8 and The Prayer of Jabez; 1 Chronicles 4:10.
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